Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wong Fei Hung, China National Hero

 So far, we only know as a hero Wong Fei Hung Kung fu in the movie "Once Upon A Time in China". In the film, the character of Wong Fei Hung is played by famous Hong Kong actor, Jet Li. But who the Wong Fei Hung?

Wong Fei Hung is a scholar, expert treatment, and legendary martial arts expert whose name is designated as a National Hero of China by the Chinese government. He was a Muslim who dared to resist oppression. Wong Fei-Hung was born in 1847 in Kwantung (Guandong) from a devout Muslim family. In 1924 Wong Fei-Hung died at the age of 77 years. The Chinese community, especially in the Kwantung Canton remember him as a hero and defender of the Chinese government often seeks tertindas.Namun obscure the identity of Wong Fei Hung as a Muslim in order to maintain the rule of communist rule in China.

Wong Fei-Hung was born in 1847 in Kwantung (Guandong), in the village FUSAN from a devout Muslim family. Name on Wong Fei Fei Hung is Cantonese for Arabic name, Fais. While the name Hung is also a Cantonese dialect for Arabic name, Hussein. So, when in-the-arab language, his name is Faisal Hussein Wong.
His father, Wong Kay-Ying was a scholar, and physician specialists of traditional medicine and traditional Chinese martial arts expert (wushu / kung fu). His father owned a medical clinic named Po Chi Lam in Canton (Guandong capital).

Wong Kay-Ying is a scholar who mastered the science of high-level wushu. The height of martial arts Wong Kay-Ying made ​​him known as one of the Ten Tigers of Kwantung. Position Kwantung Tigers this later passed on to the Wong Fei Hung.

The combination of knowledge of traditional medicine and martial arts techniques and supported by the nobility of character as Muslims make frequent Wong family intervened to help the weak and the oppressed people of the time. That's why the Kwantung great respect and idolize Families Wong.

Wong family clinic patients requesting medical assistance generally comes from the poor who can not afford the cost of treatment. Even so, Families Wong still helping every patient who comes in earnest. Wong family never indiscriminately to help, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, all assisted selflessly.

In secret, Wong family is actively involved in the underground movement against the Ch'in dynasty rule a corrupt and oppressive. Ch'in Dynasty Dynasty is a knock down power of the Yuan Dynasty that ruled before. Yuan dynasty is known as the only Dynasty Emperor of China who had family members who embraced Islam many.

Wong Fei-Hung began honing talent beladirinya since studied to Luk Ah-Choi, who also became his teacher. Luk Ah-Choi is then taught him the basics of Hung Gar stance makes Fei Hung success breeds stance "Kick Without Shadows" is legendary.

Fundamentals of Hung Gar stance discovered, developed and is a mainstay of Hung Hei-Kwun, brother seperguruan Luk Ah-Choi. Hung Hei-Kwun is a Shaolin warrior who escaped a burning and massacre by the Ch'in dynasty rule in 1734.

Hung Hei-Kwun was the leader of the historic uprising that nearly defeated Ch'in dynasty invaders who came from Manchuria (now we know him as a Korean). If only the government did not ask for help Ch'in armed forces of foreign nations (Russia, Britain, Japan), an uprising led Hung Hei-Kwun it will undoubtedly succeeded in ousting the occupation Ch'in Dynasty.

Having studied the Luk Ah-Choi, Wong Fei-Hung and then sit on his own until the early age of 20 years, he has become a leading martial arts expert and treatment. In fact he managed to develop into more advanced.

Her martial arts skills increasingly difficult to surpass when he managed to create a new stance which is very tactical but efficiently moves called "Tiger Claw" and moves "Nine Special Blows".

Besides empty handed, Wong Fei-Hung is also adept at using a variety of weapons. Canton Community ever witness with their own eyes how he single-handedly by just holding the club managed to beat more than 30 ports burly hero and a ruthless gang in Canton because he defended the poor people who will be wrung.

In family life, a lot of tests with various trials. A child was killed in a fight with the mafia Canton incident. Wong Fei-Hung married three times because his wives died within a short age. After the death of his third wife, Wong Fei-Hung decided to live alone until he met Mok Gwai Lan, a young woman who happened to be martial arts experts. Mok Gwai Lan helped teach martial arts at a special class of women at her college. Mok Gwai Lan was later to become his life partner until death.

In 1924 Wong Fei-Hung died at the age of 77 years. The Chinese community, especially in the Kwantung Canton remember him as a hero and defender of the oppressed who were never afraid to defend their honor. Anyone and any number of those who oppress the poor, will be resisted with all his strength and his courage.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

The discovery of a star like the sun

An article that was launched by write a horrendous discovery of the world. There is written that Peruvian astronomers Jorge Melendez of the Australian National University and Ivan Ramirez of the University of Texas at Austin, USA, has found a "solar twins" are the best at this time. The discovery was achieved using a 2.7-meter Harlan J. telescope Smith at the McDonald Observatory. Their findings indicate that the chemical composition of the Sun is not as unique as previously thought.

The star, HIP 56948, is more similar to the Sun than any ever known. Located as far as 200 light-years away in the constellation Draco, the star is about a billion years younger than the Sun.

Previously, only three known solar twins, each of which is 18 Scorpii, HD 98 618, and HIP 100963. However, although in some respects are similar to the sun, three stars have fundamental differences in the content lithiumnya far beyond the content of lithium in the Sun. The content of lithium in the Sun is very little time to make the astronomers thought that the Sun is a very unique star among other stars.
The discovery of the sun is breaking new twin assumptions. HIP 56948 known to have the same low lithium content of the Sun. The study also revealed other twin of the Sun, HIP 73815, which also has the same low lithium content.
HIP 56948

Questions about the uniqueness of the Sun is related to what is known as the "anthropic principle", the question of whether there is something special about the Sun that has allowed life to our solar system. This finding is not fully answer these questions, but they do show that the uniqueness of it is clearly not in its chemical composition.

Melendez 'and Ramirez' findings support the opposite of the anthropic principle, the so-called "Copernican" view, that it is possible that life can be found anywhere in the universe. They suggest that stars like HIP 56948 may be good targets for the researchers at the SETI program (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence).

The star has been studied by Planet Search Program at the McDonald Observatory, led by astronomer Bill Cochran of the University of Texas. His team found that, like our Sun, HIP 56 948 does not have a planet of the class of "hot Jupiter" - a large-mass planet, has a short orbital period, and circle around their parent stars in very close proximity. This type of planet known to be very common. Until now has been found more than 200 stars that have one or more of hot Jupiter-class planets that orbit.

Search for "solar twins" are important, because astronomers use the Sun as a benchmark in the various studies. However, they can not study the Sun in the same way as they learn a distant star, because it is too close and too bright.

The solar twins discovered at McDonald will be very useful in many areas of astrophysics. Among them, the stars can help astronomers who study the chemical composition of stars, as well as validate theoretical models of the interiors and stellar evolution.