Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fart Dinosaurs 'Mastermind' of Climate Change World, WOW!!

According to leading researchers, dinosaurs have contributed to the climate change that is currently happening. This is because these animals are too often fart. How?

Professor Graeme Ruxton from St Andrews University, Scotland, said the giant animals spent 150 years out of gas that could potentially lead to global warming, which is methane.

Giant plant-eating sauropod become protagonists. This is because the number of plants they consume.

The team calculates, animals are collectively produce 520 million tons of methane per year. This amount is far more when compared to the combined resources of existing modern methane.

Methane 20 times more effective in capturing heat in the atmosphere than CO2. Methane produced from landfills, natural gas, petroleum resources and agricultural activities. Cattle and livestock are present, creating 100 million tonnes of methane per year.

"Our calculations show, this dinosaur produce more methane than all the modern sources, natural and man united," he said, as quoted by DM.

10 Benefits of Nuclear Radiation Apart As Power Or Weapons of Mass Destruction

Radiation is described by any process in which energy moves through a medium or through space, and eventually absorbed by other objects. With the Japanese earthquake caused a nuclear tragedy, has absorbed the attention of the headlines lately. It's easy to ask why scientists have thought, would be a good idea if boiling water with uranium and plutonium? Few natural effect caused is wrong in society as understood by radiation and radioactivity. Actually there are many uses for radiation are safe and beneficial addition to the power plant and set off a bomb something. This time the paper will provide a list of 10 uses radiation that is not used to generate electricity and blowing stuff

1. Security

If you ever go to the airport lately, you might be familiar with his name part examination with x-ray baggage. By utilizing ion mobility spectrometer, this machine is able to "smell" the elements of explosives, and make sure your flight until the aircraft safely to the destination without exploding. You may not realize that the radiation also plays a role in detecting remnants of explosives and narcotics.

2. Space Exploration
Interstellar space is a place that is dark and cold, so cold (near absolute zero). So that should keep the spacecraft warm critical parts so they do not freeze and locked. NASA solves this problem by placing a heating element that contains radioactive material in critical areas. As the material decays, radioactive provide a small amount of heat is keeping critical parts such as door sensors and camera moves in temperatures approaching absolute zero.

3. Measurement

Special devices and the use of radiation gauges used throughout the manufacturing and industry to create a super accurate measurement to measure things that are generally not detected by other conventional means. Do you want to check for defects in the weld, the fluid level in a closed system, or who want to make accurate measurements, physically measuring small, the radiation is that you need a tool to measure.

4. Sterilization / Irradiation

Patients with compromised immune systems who require blood transfusions can result in severe problems if they are exposed to foreign antibodies and bacteria from blood donors. Workaround this issue, exposing the blood donated by the radiation, to kill unwanted antibodies while maintaining red blood cells remain intact. The same process also extends the life of some of your favorite foods. Normally the food sterilized by heat (pasteurization) to kill bacteria or refrigerated to slow decomposition.

5. Age Carbon

Radioactive carbon 14 to decide from time to time at a constant rate. Because of this fact, the scientists used carbon 14 isotope ratio of an object to determine the approximate age of the object. With this tool we have been able to accurately age of objects such as bones of dinosaurs and early humans, expanding our understanding of the natural history and solve puzzles such as old age, "whether people walked with dinosaurs?"

6. Genetic mutation

The ability of radiation to disrupt DNA Agan and cause everything from cancer to get worse well documented in the knowledge of the culture of comic books to movies, but those skills can be used for good? By exposing the seeds with radiation dose, farmers causing genetic mutations in their seeds on purpose. Unlike what you may have read in agan comics, mutation of radiation can actually help farmers develop beneficial crop traits such as resistance to insects and pesticides.

7. Cleaning the air

Cleaning Coal is one of the words of rumors thrown around by politicians, but few are aware that one way of eliminating the emissions from the chimney flue is with electric shocks with electron beam radiation. Environmental scourge everywhere, is an irony that radiation is one of the best ways we combat acid rain and remove chemicals like sulfur dioxide from the smoke before they go into the air and pollute

8. Smoke Detector

Never replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and heed the warning that there is a radioactive substance inside the device? Many older smoke detector uses substances that emit radiation, americium-241, sniff looking smoke. When smoke particles cut off between americium and radiation detectors, the alarm sounds, giving you a few precious seconds extra warning to get out of the house or to remind you to grill your meat.

9. Medical Radionuclide

One of the greatest dangers of nuclear fallout is swallowing tiny radioactive particles that can cause the body agan cancer and other diseases. So HAVE agan think intentionally ingesting a radioactive substance? By sending radioactive material into the body, the doctor can see the radiation coming out and determine all sorts of things that are important such as the organ function, blood flow, and even detect certain cancers.

10. X-ray picture (radio graph)

Wilhelm Rontgen put the discovery of X-ray radiation to be used as a treatment in 1895 to take a picture of the bones in his hand. Since it's hard to imagine having a modern medical procedure or diagnosis without first having an X-ray. Simply by allowing doctors to look inside the body and see what happens, the radiation may have saved more lives than it has been claimed. (toptenz.net)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The origins of the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)

The spring festival or lunar new year is the year-end holidays in the Chinese calendar, commonly called the "new year". A celebration of the traditional feast of the most festive and solemn among the Chinese people. Prior to January 1 (Chinese calendar) there is a ceremony of prayer, a memorial to those who died and other ceremonies: in the feast there angpao giving to children, friendship antarfamili and friends and other celebrations, after a mid-day feast was Capgomeh party lanterns at night, and after the party passed the night Capgomeh lanterns filled with decorative lanterns all over the city, the feast of the new spring festival actually considered expired.History of the spring festival is very long, its origin comes from prayer ceremonies commemorate ancestors and praying to god when the new year during the Yin and Shang Dynasties. And about various mythology too many.

The myth of the "Year" Animals

There is an ancient legend that tells of the origin of the tradition of Chinese New Year celebrations in China, here's the story:
Once upon a time there was an evil monster that has a long head and sharp horn. Monster called Nian is very fierce, she dwells bottom of the ocean, but every new year he appeared to land to attack the villagers and livestock swallowing. Therefore each before the new year, the entire village was always hiding behind the mountains to avoid this Nian monster attacks.

On New Year's Eve in a year, the people in the countryside were bolster and guide parents of small children to go to the mountains to avoid the catastrophe, and from outside the country came a beggar grandfather, his hand holding a cane, looks old but healthy, full of vitality and enthusiasm is outstanding.

People compatriot was busy packing, there is a busy guiding cattle herding sheep, seems a hasty atmosphere and scary. And at such times, there is no one who concentrates attention to the grandfather beggar.

Just a kindly grandmother at the east end of the village that gives food to a beggar's grandfather, as well as recommend him to immediately go to the mountains to avoid. The old man said: "Grandma, if you allow me to stay overnight in your home, I will definitely repel the monster.

The grandmother thought that his grandfather was joking, then continue to persuade his grandfather to immediately go to the mountain, but grandpa beggar shook his head would not go away. The grandmother was helpless, would not want to leave his house and yourself to go to the mountains to escape the disaster.

At midnight, a monster "Nian" broke into the village. He was found at the east end of the house of the grandmother, the door plastered with large red paper, and in the house illuminated with candle lights are very bright. Monster glanced angrily to her grandmother's house, and immediately lunged to her grandmother's house, shouting angrily. When nearing the entrance, suddenly heard the sound of explosions firecrackers in the inner room, and her whole body shaking chills, and did not dare to approach again.

Apparently, the monster is afraid of red, light a fire and an explosion. And in that moment, the door was wide open, in the house seemed an old man whose body was wrapped in a red robe. I was so shocked monster "Nian" turned and scuttled.
On the second day is January 1, people who returned from the camps were very surprised to see the village in a state of safety and security. At that time my grandmother realized what had happened, and told him about his grandfather's promise to the people of beggars compatriot.

People flocked to compatriot grandmother's house, and it looks just patches of red paper on the door Grandma's house, in the yard there is a pile of firecrackers that survives still explosive, and some red candles in the house with the rest of the light still burning.

The old man is actually the Gods who came to help villagers expel these nian monster. They also found three tools used to drive the old man Nian.

People who compatriot merry rollicking new clothes and hats, visited the homes of family and friends congratulate greetings and celebrate peacefully and safely passed that day. Thus, everyone has to know how to safely dissipate the animal named "Year" in the new year.

Since then, every celebration of the Chinese New Year they put red cloth, set off firecrackers and lanterns lit all night, waiting for the New Year, keep up late and waiting for the turn of the year. January 1 morning, still had to visit the family home and friends to congratulate the new years. This tradition is more and more widely spread, and a traditional feast of the most solemn of Chinese people.

Starting from that, these customs eventually spread out and become a traditional celebration of the majestic Chinese people in welcoming the "passing of Nian" (in Chinese, nian mean years)

The Chinese always associate the time period from 23 days to up to 30 in 12 twelve lunar months of the year just before the Day of the Lunar New Year as a "small Nian".

Every Chinese family is required to clean up the environment in which they live to welcome the new year. Besides cleaning the environment, every Chinese family making various dishes welcome Lunar made ​​from chicken, duck, fish and beef / pork, as well as sweets and fruits. Not to forget also the parents buy new clothes for their children and prepare Angpao gifts while visiting relatives and family.

When New Year's Eve arrived, the whole family gathered together. In the northern region of China, every family has a tradition of eating apple dumplings, which in Chinese language was called Jiao, same pronunciation with the word in Chinese, so the apple dumplings as a symbol of togetherness and family happiness. Jiao also significant addition coming new year. Region of southern China, people love to eat sweets New Year cake (made from sticky rice flour), which symbolizes the sweetness of life and make progress in the New Year (in Chinese language the word "cake" and "making progress" has the same pronunciation word Gao) Towards 12 o'clock at night, each family will set off firecrackers.

The first day of the Lunar New Year, Chinese people use new clothes and congratulate older people. Children who say the new year older, will get Angpao money. While the second and third day, they were visiting friends and relatives nearby.
During the time of the celebration of Chinese New Year, in general, the streets crowded trade area with families shopping for Chinese Lunar purposes. In some places abroad are usually held various entertainment events such as the welcome the Lunar New Year and the Dragon Lion Dance performances, flower markets and temple fairs.

After the 15th day of the first month in the Lunar calendar, is a time of the Lantern Festival, which marks the end of Lunar New Year celebrations.