Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fart Dinosaurs 'Mastermind' of Climate Change World, WOW!!

According to leading researchers, dinosaurs have contributed to the climate change that is currently happening. This is because these animals are too often fart. How?

Professor Graeme Ruxton from St Andrews University, Scotland, said the giant animals spent 150 years out of gas that could potentially lead to global warming, which is methane.

Giant plant-eating sauropod become protagonists. This is because the number of plants they consume.

The team calculates, animals are collectively produce 520 million tons of methane per year. This amount is far more when compared to the combined resources of existing modern methane.

Methane 20 times more effective in capturing heat in the atmosphere than CO2. Methane produced from landfills, natural gas, petroleum resources and agricultural activities. Cattle and livestock are present, creating 100 million tonnes of methane per year.

"Our calculations show, this dinosaur produce more methane than all the modern sources, natural and man united," he said, as quoted by DM.

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