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Enrique Flores: Artist Oaxaca Philanthropic golden touch

Alvin Starkman M. A., BA

It is one of the most prolific of Mexican artist Enrique Flores generation. Of course, the contemporary Mexican art, Rodolfo Morales was directed by the late great master, undamaged; The most important art galleries in Oaxaca, Oaxaca Indigo and art, is the fact that two years of his boss. But hard work, talent and vision, nothing beats the location of each characterized by flowers.

Flowers the following year, in 1992, exhibitions in Japan, Latin America began to receive worldwide recognition as a major force in the art scene in 1990, at the beginning, and has exhibited her work in Mexico and the United States since 1985 by the Dutch. For a promotional campaign to attract US Consumer Heineken Mexico-American of his commission to paint two murals. Indigenous Mexican women, both were brought to the attention distinctive styling publication of the work of art lovers 1994 Art and Soul of Oaxaca (Oaxaca Art and Soul), supported by the Gallery of Fine Arts, New York; and in 1998, turning the book, pictures and colors of Oaxaca (images and colors of Oaxaca). He received a good children's book published in Spanish and English Press Children, birds harvest (Birds of harvest) from the image.

Flowers July 1, 1963 began to paint after 70 days in your school, in the Mixteca region of Oaxaca, Huitzo born. 1980 is coming to their formal education at upper secondary education Oaxaca Jesse Vasquez had begun. Oaxaca prestigious School of Fine Arts in 1981, the entrance. The following year, he went to an art school in Mexico City: "But my goal was to get the School of Painting and Sculpture," says Flores. "Although I have a suggestion Rufino Tamayo, who was not accepted because it has all the credit for high school. A friend introduced me to Rodolfo Morales, however, has worked for the best." They developed a close relationship. Morales Flores talk regularly and was able to give technical advice were satisfied with a young protege whom works in Coyoacán of view Morales wants to study.

After returning to Oaxaca, the capital, Flores registered apprenticeship of two years, as she was able to live in a small apartment in one of the input Workshop Rufino Tamayo (Rufino Tamayo Workshop). He later studied with Maestro Juan Alcz. Not wanting to go between Huitzo and Oaxaca, founded the city of Oaxaca flat. In 1988, after working for three years under Alcz make Huitzo Flowers, and remained there ever since. When Morales back in hometown in the late 80 moved Ocotlan, friendship with the meeting Morales Flores revived and periodic Ocotlan Expect When Morales Oaxaca.

Flowers readily accept "Of course, my main mentor Morales had in years" "But has provided an important stimulus for more than half of its work in Oaxaca artist. Carefully examine my work, however, especially Monet and Gauguin I should be obvious, a student of a series of Impressionist Think of them as I'm not affect my work very powerful;. just look at my use of color. "But asking a single name and Flemish painter Hieronymus mysterious Flowers (Geronimo) Bosch (c 1450 -. 1516) just rolls off the tongue. Enrique extraordinary fusion effect becomes apparent later.

Humanity explicitly examine student culture Flowers condition ... some of his works, such as getting inspiration from a much wider range of sources certainly Morales, despite the common elements and style with impressionist and Bosch in the past and available land and other contemporary society . Eastern ways and began to feel cultural signs as an example education oriental gods in Japan. At that time, my laptop pencil and watercolors I did a fair bit "and something to refer to a bit of research, still sometimes these his drawings :. in Oaxaca works include this information and their continuous personal development different or how I express a particular job me while I'm fighting. I sometimes juxtaposed components of the Japanese population with themes and Mexican traditions.

Flowers in a period of nearly 10 years, using both rest rejuvenation of their family environment and as a means of promoting their creativity, Montana, spent two or three months a year. But has constantly inspired his most important Mixteca was his constant presence. "It was the border between the Mixtec cultures and Zapotec, Huitzo history, so that at least three distinct groups, Mixtec, Zapotec and here Huitzo both be there together." Explain the effects? Cultures this basket such Flores, physical differences --- facial structure, height, hair texture, perhaps more importantly, to wear an artist as befit, dance and culture of other events and three worldviews wealth, customs, etc., are

Flores, who molded his creative power of your success and in turn, acknowledges the debt of gratitude. Your charity work took turns to show how the whole society, and more. He donated the regular parts of benefit art auction. A city or town'm helps if you have what you consider to be extremely worthy charity, "and I know: sometimes, when the demand for a percentage of your unit sales revenue to help cover the costs, flat regular donated their works, especially after the market organizers just feel free to give my works do not support the profitable sales prices in the auction. "

Generously their time and advice Alcz said Morales loved and accepted in his deep debt to other artists from Oaxaca Flowers younger generation, regardless of how this can be the gift of self, the kind of response data. Labour and workshop have read the Faculty of five regular fifty-six students of art: "Come to my ability to work on their projects forward, asking my advice, and just watch me and fieldwork in many cases not the fine arts for the number of students enrolled in the program. universities to inadequate equipment and most students of modest means, and just what we do not need to own, because I use something I allowed from them. Saturday afternoon on my end only govern work week, my store is clean and turn left and you have to keep my equipment in good condition it is not. "oils and watercolors of flowers usually do not require expensive high-end vehicles or trade, the same is not true for expensive machines and other products needed to produce lithographs and engravings.

Teachers flowers touch, art books and through hundreds of gold galleries tutored theme is also taken in excess of exposure in life as a result of more luck, and a century approaches buying public close to one of its experience in four to produce what: Enrique Flores always wanted to have a clear view.

Only 45 horses, flowers race has yet to develop in. His real fashion workshop Oaxaca has been a long-term project started in 1998, has advanced in construction. But he's done most of his work modern, high ceiling could build a complex dome. Most of the largest and most state workshops and Flowers expansion in better condition, although clearly intends to continue the work of love. Without it, a bakery, as talented ceramist of their own plans to add a special building for ceramics and

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Five Star Appliance stores - Golden Week appliances shops overflowing with crazy cheap deals

     Near Golden Week, the big attraction
The stores have a plentiful supply of ammunition for war preparations. Suning and design, the longest history of Golden Week, another star chain giant appliances before the newly created
Proceedings. As in previous years experience 11 Golden Week sales can represent 10% to 8% of annual sales, of course, compete on high ground 11 companies in the market.

It is understood as 11 years
Price war
Appliance stores continues to be the main theme of the price war this year and major shopping centers, large "promotion" in the final product the most appropriate words, wanting to fly, it was amazing to focus more intense marketing efforts? What brand offers a great power in the end? Be the first deals errands press for you.

"Buy a 11 in the washing machine, but we intend to deliver tight, so I want to buy shares of credit cards." Zhao Qi recently rental rates to buy a washing machine for your daily expenses, except it is not very high, a graduate of the trial period and up to now "spend high price." Thus, the interest "zero" 11 Golden Week Suning, "zero" costs 30 credits consumption downpayment Union "zero" for green impulse city CITIC Bank, China Merchants work together for the Bank, said Zhao Xiao washing machine with enthusiasm for buy soon gave the plan.

Suning Appliance continues to promote based on traditional methods of sale system "personal credit, consumer finance," the original September 28, 10 de outubro all CITIC Bank in addition to shopping store Suning China Merchants Bank pending credit card, the "zero" Enjoy union activities downpayment "zero" to the "zero", the interest of this comparison is to attract consumers, more discount promotions.
Wang Jun, general manager of Suning Appliance
He said it was the first time a series of family events Henan financially better solutions that will allow consumers to save money on promotional activities related to consumer credit Suning Appliance consumer bank to carry out in-depth cooperation.

Super Hao Li: generous gifts,

Almost all consumers have the gift of devices used to buy a new costume gift Suning only
rice cooker
42-inch blender, coffee, soybean milk machine, induction cooker, massage cushion at home, as small appliances and there
Flat screen TV
Drum of the washing machine, LCD TV 32-inch, 19-inch LCD TV is a wonderful gift. For more than 480 species in a single gift, and there are many low-level access blender or coffee pot or rice cooker or access; 980 yuan soy milk or get the pad device or massage; 3,800 yuan total purchase will have the chance to get a 19-inch LCD; LCD 32-inch drum washer or joint venture can be accumulated more than 8,800 yuan, 19,800 yuan, flat screen TV 42 cumulative buy-inch to arrive.

Back in 1000 200, the highest yield of 1,600 yuan

He Suning 11 only during the release of large donations, Fanqu effort is understood equally attractive. During the National Day, Zhengzhou buy shop in town
, Refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, kitchen appliances on a piece back 200 gift certificates, the performance of a piece is 500 yuan more than 3,000 yuan, now back to 5,000 yuan, 1,000 yuan, 800 the quantity of goods that a high piece back in 1600 element, the first time this year can break this type of preferential promotion in the fall; Suning stores have the ability to get the certificates gift shop with cash.

Golden Week this year,
five star
Golden Week "spend" a month program to promote the advancement of sufficient national research to prepare three months in advance to prepare resources to establish a total of 3 million yuan Ready tasks of sales resources. This "holiday", the broad category Five Star Gold, Henan Five Star stores today I discovered that the way toward simultaneously. More 800 2,800 yuan, 366 yuan to send more than 100% all universal to send 666 yuan; Open water heaters, microwave ovens, fully automatic machine soy milk to send crazy luxury gifts, LCD TVs, laptops; free pumping fluid.

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As Sony VAIO Laptop or Notebook Windows 7 password reset?

Of course, it does not matter how much you are working your Sony VAIO laptop, it is frustrating to see that, in any case, would not start. Instead of hitting the portable wall, how about some simple steps to solve the problem you are trying to solve the problem? Yes, you can try to do the same, even a novice. Our solution need not be a cow steps to deal with them; Only you must have your laptop to go in minutes.

Here you can do to start the process:

1 "Power" button to turn the laptop. Make sure the laptop power light comes. This is not open, then make sure you have enough portable power source is available.

VAIO laptop is connected to an AC outlet 2. Make sure the AC outlet is providing adequate power system. , Check to see if enough energy flux is not connected to an AC electrical outlet device.

3. VAIO laptop and then plug it into an AC outlet connecting your system to an AC adapter, it works on battery or any other external power source. Cable and AC adapter to ensure the connection of safety.

You can also perform the following checks to ensure that the job properly Sony Laptop:

1. Remove the primary and the battery books. Install Sony laptop to an AC outlet with the AC adapter Once the system means that if a battery needs to be replaced.

2. If the battery light is blinking, it means the battery has reached a low battery condition. In this case, connect the AC adapter to an AC outlet with laptop. Allow the battery to charge for a while.

3. While the laptop and is blowing fans, just do not forget to physically stop spinning. This is necessary to avoid damage to fans.

4. Clean the clean cotton fans. Fans make the time to give them a spin freely now if they are perfectly fine. If any other situation, I understand that when this change.

5. Clean the holes in the accumulation of "vent cooling may prevent proper cooling of the same process.

6. Clean I / O Ports and cleaning debris can accumulate around the harbor.

7. avoiding any contact with the edge of the clean gold memory card with a soft rubber RAM. In doing so, turn off the portable power source. You can also use the help to cool the cooling unit Cold Mat.

Keep on hand in case they may need the steps above to refer to them again in the future. Process at any time if you need professional help, you can visit the official Sony website. It can also help you to contact the third-party companies offer instant support like iYogi technical support and GeekSquad and error to get rid of Windows PC with 7-based fights.