Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Five Star Appliance stores - Golden Week appliances shops overflowing with crazy cheap deals

     Near Golden Week, the big attraction
The stores have a plentiful supply of ammunition for war preparations. Suning and design, the longest history of Golden Week, another star chain giant appliances before the newly created
Proceedings. As in previous years experience 11 Golden Week sales can represent 10% to 8% of annual sales, of course, compete on high ground 11 companies in the market.

It is understood as 11 years
Price war
Appliance stores continues to be the main theme of the price war this year and major shopping centers, large "promotion" in the final product the most appropriate words, wanting to fly, it was amazing to focus more intense marketing efforts? What brand offers a great power in the end? Be the first deals errands press for you.

"Buy a 11 in the washing machine, but we intend to deliver tight, so I want to buy shares of credit cards." Zhao Qi recently rental rates to buy a washing machine for your daily expenses, except it is not very high, a graduate of the trial period and up to now "spend high price." Thus, the interest "zero" 11 Golden Week Suning, "zero" costs 30 credits consumption downpayment Union "zero" for green impulse city CITIC Bank, China Merchants work together for the Bank, said Zhao Xiao washing machine with enthusiasm for buy soon gave the plan.

Suning Appliance continues to promote based on traditional methods of sale system "personal credit, consumer finance," the original September 28, 10 de outubro all CITIC Bank in addition to shopping store Suning China Merchants Bank pending credit card, the "zero" Enjoy union activities downpayment "zero" to the "zero", the interest of this comparison is to attract consumers, more discount promotions.
Wang Jun, general manager of Suning Appliance
He said it was the first time a series of family events Henan financially better solutions that will allow consumers to save money on promotional activities related to consumer credit Suning Appliance consumer bank to carry out in-depth cooperation.

Super Hao Li: generous gifts,

Almost all consumers have the gift of devices used to buy a new costume gift Suning only
rice cooker
42-inch blender, coffee, soybean milk machine, induction cooker, massage cushion at home, as small appliances and there
Flat screen TV
Drum of the washing machine, LCD TV 32-inch, 19-inch LCD TV is a wonderful gift. For more than 480 species in a single gift, and there are many low-level access blender or coffee pot or rice cooker or access; 980 yuan soy milk or get the pad device or massage; 3,800 yuan total purchase will have the chance to get a 19-inch LCD; LCD 32-inch drum washer or joint venture can be accumulated more than 8,800 yuan, 19,800 yuan, flat screen TV 42 cumulative buy-inch to arrive.

Back in 1000 200, the highest yield of 1,600 yuan

He Suning 11 only during the release of large donations, Fanqu effort is understood equally attractive. During the National Day, Zhengzhou buy shop in town
, Refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, kitchen appliances on a piece back 200 gift certificates, the performance of a piece is 500 yuan more than 3,000 yuan, now back to 5,000 yuan, 1,000 yuan, 800 the quantity of goods that a high piece back in 1600 element, the first time this year can break this type of preferential promotion in the fall; Suning stores have the ability to get the certificates gift shop with cash.

Golden Week this year,
five star
Golden Week "spend" a month program to promote the advancement of sufficient national research to prepare three months in advance to prepare resources to establish a total of 3 million yuan Ready tasks of sales resources. This "holiday", the broad category Five Star Gold, Henan Five Star stores today I discovered that the way toward simultaneously. More 800 2,800 yuan, 366 yuan to send more than 100% all universal to send 666 yuan; Open water heaters, microwave ovens, fully automatic machine soy milk to send crazy luxury gifts, LCD TVs, laptops; free pumping fluid.

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