Monday, March 17, 2014

Notebook Sony Vaio VPC-Z114GX / S

I can really say if we analyze this particular laptop, is a candidate to be the most powerful 2010 notebooks. Although there are potential rivals, VPC Z114GX / S still shocks us with its fresh design and everything. With long hours of energy, you may want all day every day, you can work with this laptop. Compared to other laptops in its class is not very heavy laptop, we can express the fact that light instead.

Sony Vaio VPC fantastic new laptop cool style Z114GX / S, continue to affect almost all with a high degree of efficiency and flexibility. Sony Vaio VPC Z114GX / SA market as we were waiting for this moment and now, finally, innovative portable Sony Vaio VPC can set our hands, there is. I am absolutely certain that most people will like this laptop so amazing in every way. Sony Vaio laptops that are very exciting to get this put a lot of new technologies.

The touch screen is definitely a bright with some service for multiple movements. Average touchpad has little or no noticeable delay. Press the thumb side touch screen buttons are simple and make an audible click when pushed. They have shallow feedback and also definitely need to activate the average pressure is really much more comfortable. If you like the look and feel of the keyboard island VPC Z114GX style / S using, you will be impressed. Sony Vaio VPC Z114GX / O set of laptop keyboard keys feel very solid at your fingertips, one island style version. Personally, I do not love chiclet-style keyboards, you need to accept that still look very modern.

The graphics notebook processors, such income may not be a new game in the head without complications implied -This allows you to run more like lighter games. Z114GX / S used portable audio speakers, again, would not recommend for a laptop, it seems a bit weak. Processors for Notebooks Sony Vaio VPC Z114GX / S used in innovative processors are among the most beautiful. If that when this pair brings monster laptop RAM deemed no problem with multitasking ability to drive position considering the latest new technology used on this specific processor eye.

We had a great screen resolution for this measure, we make use of most particularly problematic pixel density (the number of pixels per millimeter of screen) will not sign. The previous steps are the same way a book of goods. Moreover, the very real screen quality. In addition to film and photograph in great detail a general truth, improve the clarity of relatively small scale and by means of this resolution on the screen as deep blacks and very well done. Although always more than made regarding the creation of contrasting colors prospects for horizontal viewing are perfect in fact relatively weak compared to the typical pattern.

Fan Model, while effective under certain conditions, appeared to flow more air than needed to maintain the cool heavy book needs. This thermal performance Sony Vaio VPC Z114GX / S seemed a bit below average, while under load.

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