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Notebook, netbook or tablet-ultrabook?

Technology moves fast these days, no doubt. The latest products of mobile computing range of devices is a testament to that fact. 2010 and 2011 new ultrabook offers different tablets to be dominated by a flood in 2012 and who want to play a series of home, it is a mistake to identify the right product for your needs would be. Everyone wants the best and most devices, but the flood of marketing and buzzwords What are some products that do not meet the needs of your own?

This article aims to explain the uses and benefits of each technology is best suited for.

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Many consumers think about buying a tablet is ideal for your needs in this amazing, just to fight for what you are trying to use so that they want. While surfing the web all the time you want to make them the same way, many people buy a laptop.

A product without spending a lot of money right time for people to make their own wrong again each time just a part of life "choices not enough. But still, you need to rethink your motivation.

This is not perfect for any great need for this other guide, to explain what the product " writing.

Media Creation vs. Media consumption:

This, I believe, one of the best way to explain the difference between tablets and laptops, it is. I know they are someone you are not sure about what you like, especially when looking to splurge each time you use a new technology.

First, what is the media consumption? While everyone may be slightly different definition Well, media consumption and the general user input is usually minimal textual, remained premade any task that show content. This web browsing, watching a video or a movie, reading book, supervision or Facebook.

The creation environments, in addition, a greater degree of user input required. These long emails, text is generally more intense activities such as writing business documents or programming, whereas this work should not be forgotten, such as photo or video manipulation are also included in this category. Basically, users actively participate in the creation of media and device input requires a high degree of paper.

Notebooks, netbooks, ultrabooks and tablets, can be ordered in two different categories. They are ideal to consume media, and are ideal for the creation or the media. The first distinction may seem simple enough; laptops, netbooks, tablets and ultrabooks is ideal for media consumption, ideal for creating media. Although it feels like to touch a keyboard plot and plays an important role in the classification of these products is not the only consideration to be done first.

Devices intended to create media that are based its entire ecosystem. This hardware design, software and product is optimized for the creation of all media. Ergonomic and easy to use hardware and software for peripherals compatible with a high degree of flexibility options are important factors in creating a high degree of support.

Media consumption devices, on the other hand, the patient is suitable for the task reserved for creating the best environment for the devices. Of course, you would have no problem writing the iPad a short e-mail, but do not like to write a book about it? Even with the luxury of laptop keyboard, but not as easy as you're using a laptop designed for specific tasks.

Judging from another angle, the media can create a device can perform all the functions of media consumption devices. The difference, however, the media consumption device is designed with this in mind only that task. Watch a movie or surf the web only active (ie the screen) to keep engaging with the components is much easier.

With that in mind, it is obvious that there is some overlap between the two groups of devices.


The tablets are designed with the consumer in mind, the media, and its design reflects that. While it is relatively easy, certainly, you can send someone a tablet, I do not want to write a book using one. This type of display web pages, reading, scanning photos or tablets really shines when it comes to tasks such as viewing. Of course, all these tasks can be performed on devices designed for the creation of the media, but the tablet's design and the easier form factor and simple to perform these tasks. Reduced weight and battery life and portability factor is easy to see why these tablets were here.

Ideally, when freely, both technologies work optimally, including the weaknesses of the other. Realistically, this is not always possible. As a consumer, I know that everyone has a tablet and ultrabook can not fork, and to achieve the best possible results. Tablets text or other intensive tasks, if the user input is ideal when limited, and as long as you are not dependent on a specific software package on your regular computer, do not forget.


It has been around for a while, even a couple of Ultrabooks are the newest member of the family laptop. What are designed for Ultrabooks?

Regular full-sized laptop in a similar function Ultrabooks way. They have the power to decent processing, so it is possible to perform a series of tasks using. In addition to its normal operating capacity and portable, provides several advantages with them. Significantly longer battery life with a high degree of portability, these devices are ideal for someone who does the movement. For those who want to buy a major Ultrabook downside was the price - ultrabooks laptops similar performance cost more. Currently, storage ultrabooks also lose power and graphics. But as with all technologies, their heroism in this category once "and, of course, enough to boost consumer demand.

So why sacrificing the processing power and storage space for portability? The answer is simple. These tablets are made in time, and that is exactly what was done to this extremely popular. Ultrabooks are designed to provide consumers with a compromise. I am sure that, this time, perhaps producing a highly profitable medium term hope you like clubs. While many consumers, their Facebook, email, if you want to control a device primarily for use by Twitter, whatever. This tablet is the group to which it is an attractive option. But some people in this group, and no minority definitely want the portability of a regular notebook power with experience today. Similarly, today the benefits of full-size laptop, but is likely to be prepared ultrabooks hitting equal abundance of tablet users who want portability store shelves. It will pay? So 2012 should give us the answer to this problem.


What about netbooks? Is not supposed to be for portable use?

Netbooks are designed with portability in mind, there are also price. Netbooks are generally cheaper than a notebook entry level and reflects their performance. These are laptops with longer battery life is good, stay, but with the restriction screen resolutions, suffer from limited processing. So do while in motion, such as processing power, word processing is ideal for those looking for a lot of that is not necessary, he said.

Netbooks, ultra-portable device may be the first fire in the last war, but it seems so far are winning. So how effective they are as they are, there are still many attractive option, said

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