Friday, February 14, 2014

Decorate algebraic approach: Notebook Decorate

For some, the creation of a natural aesthetic balance, for others it can be a following problem. If you are in the second group, I've included some tips for quick and easy mathematical formula that will help you get your decorating assumptions column home this month, enjoy. Your notepad, calculator and received measuring tape and start working!

The calculation of the amount of ink - You (environment) all the walls of the room you will multiply the height of the room you will have the total square meters of paint and paint the length. Next get the total square meters and will give about 400 gallons cover layer that division. (Wait a few more times.)

Lighting - chandeliers dinner: This is a part of the width of the table is best to choose one with an equal diameter. Also, be sure to download the lamp should be at least 2 1/2 feet in the table above. Use a dimmer to illuminate the area related tasks fun time to soften the light and work or hobbies.
The necklace breakfast room: Usually do business with decorative pendant or a lamp down. Such as formal dining room, use a dimmer. Again, above the collar of the lower beam must be at least 2 1/2 feet. The normal lamp 100 watts is sufficient for this area.
Three in interior design, the rule applies to almost everything. Lighting is no exception. If a lamp is likely to have two two lamps to be three. All groups are seated in a room is important to distribute the light; Typically, this will create the triangular pattern.

Sofas, tables, mirrors and art - coffee tables should be 2/3 the width of the sofa or loveseat, sofa and allow the knees and feet should be at least 12-16 inches.

Artwork on a sofa couch minimum length should be 3.2. This is not just a work of art on a sofa use. What does your collection or sofa 2/3 length must be at least a portion that is used. If you are considering extending couch or a piece of art, in addition, must be something to do; otherwise, seems to be much heavier high.
Putting a picture or mirror Basic Rules: appears in the main areas of interest the viewer's attention. Living room and dining room, the audience usually sits. The hallways and lobbies, the viewer is standing.

Optimum distance of TV viewing:

For analog TV: HDTV:
27 "6.75 meters 30 " 6:25 m
36 "9 meters 45 " 9.4 meters
45 "11:25 Meters 60 " 12.5 meters

Golden Ratio - And finally, perhaps the most interesting mathematical existence Golden decoration. After the golden ratio was fascinated with the culture of the rate of generation and culture. It is widely used in art and architecture. This 16th century, the early church of San Marco in Venice, built on the present and on the second floor, first used on the facades of buildings, window resizing the window treatment design, the norm has become a relationship between width and height ratio and times, pictures and stories about the relationship between the size of the picture frame. Easier and more convenient to tie funds to the use-it-yourselfers do golden decoration are back in place there. Using the relative positioning of new tie, you see this division creates a nice line. So what is this magic line? A year and a half or three in this place falls well below the up or down from a previous approximately.618 transformation. (In terms of ceiling height for fun only "the height of the rail molding chair to measure your room. Have you noticed something?)

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