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What you always wanted to know about you Plants

I never want to know PHOTOS plants
Photos of plants can be very frustrating; If you are a fine example worthy of admiration and show and hunting with the camera, that is. Time to download and view on your home computer? ... This, especially in the beginning of the distress caused your photographer beauty, realize that he is gone. But do not worry, this blog we are trying to save the hot head. After today I will tell you everything you need to know to get beautiful pictures.
What do you want?
In addition to the camera ... obviously do not need the following? Other accessories are not necessary but will help you get stunning photos.
Objective: ideal for this type of macro telephoto and / or photo will. TV, leaving the latter completely blurred and plants, highlighting the background will help isolate the copies. You can catch all the minute details of the plant to the macro. The best that can be seen in the following examples. See how TV blurs the background and the second image captured by the macro to see for details.
Vibrations photograph one of the main problems encountered in this type (or what vagueness, the same): tripod. To avoid this, (if you are thinking of buying one, you need to read this before) is best to use a tripod. Ideally, in this case an adjustable range and is easily ground to a low level at the same level. Very low or trick seedlings, you can support your bag or purse or rice stuffing similar camera. (Check out this article, you will discover how a homemade tripod and other accessories). And if you shoot with a timer or a remote trigger, only minimally any movement generated by pressing the button, avoid.
Flash: When shadows fill with insufficient light, or when the opposite occurs, it is useful when the light is very intense.
Reflectors: are used to fill in the shadows. In a typical white aluminum reflector of cardboard or card stock or use.
From now light in this direction, photography and important; In addition, a very sunny and cloudless exactly what you need to know that the best time to capture the image of the plant. Why is that? This type of light of many colors and highlights Why do you want to take pictures, because the details are lost. Contrary to what one might imagine a very soft and light is distributed more evenly when it is much more convenient on a cloudy day. If you want to know how hard light, soft light, for example, where Iago explains very clearly and is seen in the following pictures:
As one of the greatest enemies of this type This photo no desire at other times are windy days. Spoil the image of any air movement. If necessary, to fight against the wind can use a mat or cardboard to protect your plants. Dispose of fire or explosion, and then you do not need.

And if you think you can be a good opportunity for rainy days. If you do not believe me, read this article to convince.
Best current times
Regarding discussed in the previous section, the light that is in the middle of the day, especially at noon, it is important to know that it is very difficult. The best time for photography in general, and this is the first and last days are special. What I want is to find a magical golden pointer to the images Y, the "golden hour", known as sunrise and sunset, enjoy. Such images taken.
Look at the background. You can put color on a cardboard. Also, just a change of perspective and fire "view ant", you can use the sky as a backdrop.
Select the appropriate time, depending on the results we expect.
Fund or the same, use a large opening a small depth of field blur.
Most detail and low ISO shot to capture.
If the option chamber involves the mirror does not cause flicker.
Always notes, found to carry a notebook and pen for the name of the plant ...
If you can not choose the time and hard light, if you have some plants fit, flash, reflectors can be used to fill or you can find pictures plants in the shade.
Framework Plan. This is not a good thing the wind, if the plants are not moved, (and in this case, is not going away. If the scene means you can take when you want to read it does not change the structure.
Shot from various angles to achieve different results.
To compare the results of practice shooting at different times of the day.
Take the morning dew or raindrops. This is not possible, you also get a spray bottle and spray the plants with it.
Hit the lights to capture your silhouette plants.
Posters can use white or black backgrounds to get some photos.

In patience. On the first occasion, do not despair. You can initially be a point where you have to follow and feel great satisfaction bit boring, but if possible!
When plants
If you want to find exotic examples such as this, have to travel to New Zealand or Canada.
However, you may not have to travel so far. There is a botanical garden in the city or in the country? Travel in such places or unusual or striking closely you will find a wide variety of copy space on the ground without. Also nursery themes, florist or work are botanical gardens to serve as a university faculty. He was photographed at the Botanical Garden, this carnivorous plant.
Carnivorous plants in the Botanical Garden
That's interesting
If the first book in the history books Herbal and botanical photographer Anna Atkins plant know the picture?
She plants are committed to a photographer to photograph the aura than you think. His name is Robert.
Other links that might interest you:
Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid
Botanical Web: a lot of information on plants, plant family, photos, forums ...
Hikers Guide: dogs Account, throw in a few search path additional assumptions.
Care for the environment
In conclusion, I ask you to be respectful of the plants. They have to look after and care for living things, the "inheritance" Planet Earth. Same or the environment in which they are new or have been treated, but not in Denmark.
I never tire of repeating that do not learn faith. Words are wind, the lights with memory or lost in the virtual space, but makes the application of learning, information that has been solidified. Find your camera and put here to read my application.
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