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Ekranoplan (Russian: экраноплан) is a vehicle resembling an aircraft, but operating on the ground effects. This effect can diarasakan when it landed in a commercial flight; shortly before landing, the speed can be felt modestly reduced. Ground effect vehicles (GeV) can fly on any flat surface, the height from the ground surface varies according to vehicle size.

During the Cold War, ekranoplan appear for several years in the Caspian Sea as a large object, and fast-moving. The name "Caspian Sea Monster" was given by the U.S. intelija are confused about this great vehicle, which looks like a plane with the wings clipped the outside. After the Cold War ended, the "monster" it appeared as one of Russia military draft is flying just meters above the water, save energy and are under enemy radar observations.

KM, as one of the known models in the top-secret Soviet military development, with more than 100m long and weighing 540 tons when full charge, and can move at speeds over 400 km / h, only a few feet above the water surface. When it moves with a certain speed, ekranoplan no longer in contact with water, and can move on the ice, snow, or other flat surface.

KM  type

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, commercial development has been done mostly in the United States. (wikipedia.com)

Autralian designer

Mobula design

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