Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Legend of Longest Rivers in the World - The Nile

Nile River in Africa, is one of the two longest rivers on Earth. Nile River flows along the 6650 km or 4132 miles and split no less than nine countries are: Ethiopia, Zaire, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, and of course Egypt. Because of the Nile has the same meaning role in Egyptian history (especially ancient Egypt) is identical with the Egyptian Nile.

The Nile has a very important role in civilization, life and history of the Egyptians thousands of years ago. One contribution of the Nile is its ability to produce fertile soil as a result of sedimentation along the river basin. Fertile soil of Egypt allows people to develop agriculture and civilization dating back thousands of years ago.

The world's longest river and empties into the Mediterranean Sea or the Mediterranean Sea, specifically in Egypt. Many people know this. However, not many people know where the location of the river upstream.

The Nile flows on the west side of the African continent from south to north, is a combination of the White Nile (White Nile) and Blue Nile (Blue Nile). The two rivers join at Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.

Disgorge the White Nile at Lake Victoria. Lake area of ​​68 680 square kilometers located on the border of Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania is the largest lake in Africa, while the Blue Nile headwaters at Lake Tana, Ethiopia.

However, countries in southern Uganda have another version. According to them, Ruvironza River, Ruvubu, Klagera, and so the cutting edge in Rwanda and Burundi water flowing into Lake Victoria.

Similarly, the Democratic Republic of Congo to Lake Albert, which is located on the border with Uganda, helped supply water to the Nile. These countries also claim as a source of the Nile water. Thus, the Nile flows recorded in nine countries, namely Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, RDKongo, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt.


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